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Whenever The Barn of Harpers Ferry has its doors open, you can count on a good time. Here are some of the highlights of The Barn's events. You will also find The Barn's event calendar is just a click away, so check it out and start planning on filling your weekends with those good times!

Sports junkies, get your fix at The Barn of Harpers Ferry. See all regional televised sporting events and enjoy drink specials on gameday. Be sure to make your alliegance known by coming out to see all available in and out of market games during the NFL Season!

Old Tyme Session

The Olde Tyme Session with Fiddlin Dave! Every Wednesday starting at 6 pm. Come in and join us for free music played by some very talented local artists. All skill levels welcome. Bring your instrument and

come show us your tunes.

Wednesdays 6 - 10 PM

Live Music

From Bluegrass, Roots, R&B, Americana, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues & Reggae, we host various types of musicians and bands from around the country. Every weekend, you'll hear something new at The Barn of Harpers Ferry.

Friday and Saturday Nite 8-10 pm

Open Mic Sunday

The second Sunday of each month, The Barn of Harpers Ferry hosts Open Mic Nite. The fun begins at 6pm; those who wish to participate are to sign in at 5:30pm. All styles, levels, and genres are welcome! The beer is cold and the admission is FREE, so come join us!

Stand Up Comedy

Everyone can use a laugh, especially these days. The Barn of Harpers Ferry fills that need by occasionally booking local and nationally known comedy acts. When you need a laugh most, check our schedule for that much needed comedy relief.


Throughout the year, The Barn of Harpers Ferry plays host to various themed parties, both public and private. The Barn has hosted everything from intimate weddings to large festivals. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and our Event Calendar to find out what we

have in store.

The Highland Games of Harpers Ferry

The Highland Games is an age-old Celtic tradition and competition for the heartiest of the Celtic heritage and for all to experience this wonderful culture's liveliness. This day long Celtic festival occurs the first Saturday of October. For more information or to compete in the annual games, click here.

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Event Calendar

The Barn of Harpers Ferry is a busy place. Our event calendar changes daily with new performers and new events happening all the time. Click here to stay up to date with all The Barn of Harpers Ferry has to offer!

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